Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two horror films on one day.

We have Jennifer's Body and Paranormal Activity both released on the same day which can only mean one thing. it's the battle of the horror movies. Let's review the two's potential box office success.

Paranormal activity was a huge box office success that reminded me of the Blair Witch project days except this film had a much higher quality to it. Paranormal activity was a great horror film that resorted to the good old what you don't see is scarier than what you do see mentality. It performed spectacularly and the audiences all went crazy for this little gem. The asylum as usual made a mock buster because this film was such a success. it was a breath of fresh air from the usual torture porn shit that we had been force fed for the last decade.

Jennifer's Body was Diablo Cody's attempt at writing a high school horror film and a dark comedy at the same time. While it really didn't succeed critically or box office wise as most had hoped this film did give us a glimpse into an effort at creating an original horror film. Megan Fox was perfectly cast as Jennifer and actually got plenty of praise which was well deserved for her performance as demon Jennifer. However, the scene stealer was easily Amanda Seyfried who carried this film as a the homely friend of jennifer turned bad ass Demon hunter.
I enjoyed this film despite the obvious flaws, and I hope that Diablo Cody takes another shot at the horror genre, all she needs to learn how to do is blend the horror and comedy better than a teenager blending acne cream on his face.

I predict that Jennifer's Body will lose this week to Paranormal activity in DVD sales, but not rentals.

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