Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Halloween 2 Trailer released with new leaked footage

This is the best trailer for Halloween 2. It actually makes this film lok better than I believe that most horror fans are predicting. The trailer is probably one of the more amazing trailers I've seen in awhile unfortunatelyMichael Meyers still looks like a homeless guy.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Disrtict 9 is an amazing film.

Everyone must see this human story about a man who is infected with DNA of an alien who changes his prejudice towards them. This film will honestly blow you away at how amazing it is. I've never seen a more amazing film come out this summer. When all the movies sucked this movie saved my expectations.

Thank you Peter Jackson for investing in quality commercial films ratehr than fling your money just to make a cheap buck in return. You're a true artist of film and will always have my respect in the film industry.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bloody Disgusting sold out by promoting Twilight.

The horror community posted rants and comments on Bloody disgusting over their promoting or advertising of new Moon, the new tween tacular crap that we've been seeing on every major commercialised and mainstream disney channel show.

Why even advertise for a series that isn't even really horror, but a leech feeding off of a dying genre with more brainwashed fans than at a rap or Disney channel concert.

New fans don't remember the old classic films.

Sadly we live in a world where nobody pays attention the the original masterpieces. they believe that the remakes are the originals which shows their stupidity and why hollywood has continued to rape the horror genre of all creativity and originality.

Most film directors who are actually good at the genre are producers and are living off cult status of their original films while others simply change their styles or appear on masters of Horror because that is the only place Hollywood has for real talent is a short thirty minute episode on a television series.

Hopefully one day the good horror movies will all stop going straight to DVD like Trick or Treat.

Remaking The orphanage

Once again we have a sad case of Hollywood remaking a foreign art horror film that is unfortunately being remade into a Hollywood garbage remake. i was pissed enough when they announced a remake of Let the Right One In, but now the Orphanage.

When will the remakes end? Are we tired of seeing the same rehashed crap on screen for so long or are we just used to it and starting to crave more of these garbage remakes.

I know that people whine and throw hissy fits over it all the time, but nobody does anything about it, because the new horror fans with the intellect of a Hannah Montana fan are taking over the horror genre. They don't even remember the original masterpieces which is sad that this generation will herald rob Zombie as a legend for a series like halloween that he is destroying.