Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A perfect Getaway release date and the collector release date

Did Hollywood just completely screw up their chances of making money off these two movies by releasing them on the same dates of more likely to be successful films like Funny People and GI Joe the Rise of Cobra. These films might stand a chance, but they have a greater chance of fialing now because of the bad release dates.

If A Perfect getaway was released earlier when it was up against the likes of Bruno and Beth Cooper it might have been close to the top of the box office and the same goes for A Perfect getaway which would have likely have been more successful. This is why horror films are not doing as well at the box office. well at least one of the many reasons. We need better release dates so certain films can be more successful and have a critic's screening so it doesn't make it look like your company was trying to hide the fact that it's not a good movie. However, I believe that the collector will be a good movie from what I've read about it and seen clips about it.

A Perfect Getaway has potential to be moderately successful and at least the director has some box office success with Pitch black and is hopefully more experienced than other music video directors.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Book of Eli trailer

This is the trailer for the brand new Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington action thriller The Book of Eli. Finally, Gary Oldman in a movie that could rid us of the bad taste left from the Unborn. Both of the star advertised this movie well at Comic con. Surprisingly I found that Gary Oldman entertained more than Denzel washington, then again gary Oldman is probably more entertaining he's just not used right by Hollywood.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Orphan review

This is a good horror movie. it's no Drag Me to hell, but it's still an incredibly creepy and gore filled creepy kid movie. You should only watch this film if you can handle a disturbing still born scene. If you can handle watching a kid hammer someone to death on screen and handle a great twist at the end.

The twist is actually a real twist not some lame remake twist, but a real twist that is actually scary like the Uninvited even though the movie was a remake. They made the story a little more original.

overall, I'd have to say that this movie is one of  the best scary movies this year besides the foreign straight to DVD films. It is a huge improvement for the director over the House of Wax. We finally have a creepy kid movie that doesn't involve demonic possession or exorcism.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carriers trailer

Let's hope that this film is good too. I'm not sure about chris Pine in this movie, but hey Start Trek ended being good maybe captain Kirk can surprise me again with an astounding performance.

The Collector trailer

Let's hope that this film is good. It looks sadistic and bloody as horror should be. I believe this is a remake. If this is then let's hope Hollywood didn't screw it up.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two new horror releases on the same day.

We have two horror movies being released on the same day. Now this will be a tricky situation for Hollywood and the studios. they have to consider which film is more popular than the other. It's the Halloween franchise vs. The Final destination franchise.

It's also 3D horror vs. two dimensional horror. The box office outcome will determine the horror that fan's really want to see. Do we want to see another bastardized remake of Micheal Myers or do we want to see creative deaths scenes and laugh out loud over the top gore in Final destination. It's also the careers of Rob Zombie vs. David Ellis.

Hopefully someone actually reads my blog and comments on this odd situation. I'd like to see what the community of horror has to say about these two movies.

Orphan is out this Friday

We have a horror film coming out this Friday that could either be really good or incredibly bad. This movie is known as Orphan. It's already gained unnecessary controversy fro a mild statement about loving people outside your family. This was enforced by the soccer moms in the united states.

What we need to hope for is that this film is a good scary kid movie. The remake of the Omen was average and The Unborn was absolute garbage to say the least. We have the fate of creepy kid movies left in the hands of the director of the House of Wax.

Hopefully Orphan is better than the House of Wax. We need a real disturbing film rather than a crappy comic horror movie that only relies on Paris Hilton's death as its main draw factor.

At least she's nowhere near this film.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jennifer's Body trailer debuts

Jennifer's body has debuted and it looks like it will feature Megan Fox half naked, gore and more of that quirky writing that made Diablo Cody famous as a screenwriter.

You can view the unedited trailer on youtube or Bloodydisgusting right now, but your going to have to think about it the moment it starts playing. The question will be is this a cult classic or is it just going to really suck. It's hard to tell but it's easy to get skeptical about the quality when the film is simply aimed at marketing the hotness and potential nudity of Megan fox and her costar Amanda seyfried.

Perosnally, I think that this film might be nothing more than cheesy popcorn entertainment, with a bunch of random and annoying lines Juno style. That's how Diablo Cody rolls. What surprised me the most is that she didn't choose to direct this film. she had a chance, but decided to just write it. Diablo Cody is a well known horror fan so this surprised me when she turned the opportunity.

Well watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

New Dario Argento film Giallo

Bloody has released a trailer for Giallo a new horror film from horror god Dario Argento. It's about Italian models who are being kidnapped and tortured and left for dead in public. The serial killer known as "Yellow" is said to be behind it and he's killing in plian sight.

It stars adrien Brody as the detecive on the case. Hopefully he's better in this than the Village. Damn You M. Night Shymalan, well now he' sdone bastardizing horror to bastardizing Nickelodean animes like Avatar the Last airbender so hopefully Brody is better in this.

Well the trailer looks pretty sick so check it out.

Orphan controversy

Apparently there is controversy over a line in Orphan where one of the characters complains about how hard it must be to love someone else who is not apart of the family. Well as usual the soccer moms united to force the film to reedit the line. Yes the smae soccer moms who brought the charge of racism against Resident Evil 5. Luckily the game survived because the movies blew.

I'm still exited for Orphan and I hope it will cause us to scream and run down the aisles and be treasured like a real horror film. A real horror film like Drag Me to hell. However my hopes are drastically down ever since I found out its being directed by the guy who gave us the House of Wax. Well at least the kid looks scary and not like some random homeless kid like in the Unborn.

Something is wrong with Estheer which means that we should be seeing blood and guts galore as well as some genuine scares. Scares that are worth the ticket prices unlike Bruno.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

An American Werewolf in London remake

Well it appears that john Landis might finally get some of his lost popularity back. His career lost alot of heat after the Twilight zone accident and Innocent blood.

Now that Hollywood, has gotten tired of remaking zombie movies and basically any movie that foreign countries churn out it appears Hollywood is on to Werewolves. Yes that is right we have the werewolf genre return. After Cursed failed to impress as an original werewolf tale it appears that they are better off remade. I still don't see why they wouldn't just release Ginger Snaps in theaters, but Hollywood knows best according to Hollywood.

So we have a remake of The wolfman which actually looks good, where we have hairy Benicio Del Toro even hairier and hungry for bowels and intestines. this will be good if its kept as a horror film and doesn't have any hilarious jokes among its awesome visual effects. Basically the director should not make this film like Jurassic Park 3 which was his last effort.

Then we have the reame of An American Werewolf in London which has plenty of black humor amongst a good story and plenty of gore. The only problem I would have with a remake of this film is that CGI would take over rather than good makeup effects that made the original so iconic. If you want to see how CGI will screw this movie up just watch An American Werewolf in Paris.

Hopefully, at least with Landis as Executive producer we'll still have the fresh werewolf movie that was so iconic to the real horror fans of the classic horror movies.