Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Platinum Dunes to do A Nightmare on Elm Street remake

Apparently, it will be Micheal bay's production company doing the remake of Freddy Kreugar. Which means it is locked in the clutches of the company that botched so many remakes of our beloved horror movies.

Well let's see with Micheal bay we can look forward to cars, explosions and lots of over the top corny humor. How does any of that relate to Freddy Kreugar and the truth is that it doesn't. Even though bay promises us the old Freddy without any of his funny jokes as in all the Freddy movies after the first A Nightmare on Elm street. Let's hope that Bay understands what a serious and scary Freddy is.

I'm very happy to see Jackie Earle Haley as the main character because he can act and has proven that he can handle a variety of different performances. The kid who played the cancer boy in The haunting in Conneticut will be reprising Johnny depp's role so at least we have to roles filled with people who can actually act.

Wes craven is reportedly angry that the movie is being made without him on the credits. I'm sure we all agree with you Wes, but at least Wes has the rights to his other films so he can ensure that they aren't all flops.

If Bay tries to do this like what he did with Transformers 2 then the movie will fail. his track record on movies in the horror genre isn't very good either so let's see if he can produce a good one this time. I can't imagine when Micheal bay will loearn that dollars made don't completely reflect the quality made. We have until 2010 to find out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

After Dark horrorfest was overrated

This years festival could have been great, but it was sadly marred by ridiculous plot holes and once again demonstrated Horror as an extreme gore fest for cash and blood lusting cults rather than true art. Basically, if you want to see a third Butterfly Effect then see this horrorfest. If you want to see more gore without any purpose, then watch Autopsy.

Perkins 14 was voted on by the fans who literally chose who would be in the film and the studio gave the project to the director of last years craptacular Dark Ride. this film looked like it was shot by a teenager on too much sugar or something else.

The only saving graces of this horrorfest were the movies From Within, Broken and Dying breed. In broken, we saw lena headley in a good performance, with a film that was sadly underappreciated. Dying Breed was a better than average tale of canniblaism. From Within was everybody's nightmare, being stuck in the bible belt section of the world and being unable to explain why dark forces are forcing your followers to murder each other.

Seriosuly, we need horror films that showcase horror as true art rather than schlocky gore fests and overloaded with cheese, and sex. at least the acting was better than last years well most of it. Thank the lord that there was no Nightmare Man.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New blog

Check out my new blog at www.dunkfilms.com. It has even more movie craziness. I will continue to frequently post blogs on this blog though. most of my blogs will be on dunkfilms.com though.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drag me to hell # 10

We've got to save this movie. it's fallen to number 10 because nobody will give this film a chance and it is losing popularity fast. seriously this is an amazing movie. It was rated by critics as one of the best films of the year and the best horror film in two decades. It's an American classic. Sure it might be fun to watch guys survive a hangover but this one actually delivers cares. Instead of wasting your dough on another cheap horror movie. Spend it on one that actually delivers so Sam will actually make another horror masterpiece like this.

I'm so tired of watching people ignore great films like this just because it looks stupid when things that often look great end up sucking to a great end for example the last tow Pirates of the carribean movies.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I just took my mother to see Drag Me To hell

After I had viewed Drag Me to Hell by myself I took my mother to see the movie to see if she thought it was scary. My mother totally flipped out and nearly vomited after she saw the gypsies drool and the exploding eyeballs.

She glared at me and she said there is no way that this is PG-13. This has me thinking that Sam Raimi must have done such a good job that he made a PG-13 film that actually surpassed the normal standers of PG-13 horror nostalgia. If people fear this movie more because its actually scary than it means that we need all horror movies to be made this way. Sam Raimi proved that you can still make a PG-13 movie scary and actually a good movie at the same time.

I agree with most critics when they say that all horror remakes should be rated R rather than pg-13 and they're right. Especially if the original was rated R. If the film can't match the terror or the gore of the original than the film shouldn't even bother being released. Now, some remakes shouldn't be touched at all like Day of The Dead unless its directed by Zach Snyder. The remake with Nick cannon went straight to DVD, but at least it had some good gore and wasn't PG-13. However they should've expected this when they cast Nick Cannon in the first place.

Luckily we have a director who can make PG-13 horror surreal and intense without adding the old horror movie cliches. You could tell that this film was mostly all Raimi. I'm still wondering why this isn't Evil Dead 4 though.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Moon review

This film what I am Legend should have been. Watching Sam Rockwell talk to himself and freak out while questioning his sanity is amazing. What an actor! Props to Duncan Jones for directing this masterpiece which is destined to be loved by science fiction fans for years to come. There is nobody better to play the voice of a monotonous possibly evil computer than Kevin Spacey. This film is not necessarily horror but it feels like one especially considering the fact that it tears at your mind and heart strings like Freddy Kruegar's claws.

I have to give credit to Duncan Jones for pulling this film off for his debut film. It is well directed and written with the suspense and tension messing with your head like a rogue psychiatrist. The ending will also leave you on the edge of your seat.

Everyone see this film at a local theater even, if its a distance see it. It's better than John Travolta screaming and swearing in the taking of Pelham 123, another remake, and Imagine That, another eddie Murphy attempt to make alot of dough of the family genre. When you think about Imagine That being a great movie just remember its only your imagination. However if Imagine That was a good film, just Imagine That.

After Dark Horrorfest

In the upcoming days I shall be uploading reviews of the recent after dark Horrorfest films. these films include the sickest psychos and the gory films that theaters were to scared to show up on their big screens so they sent them to a place where you can get away with showing anything. That place is straight to DVD. this year we had a change in the fact that there was no Tiffany Shepis. We had more cameos from stars of past horror films like leigh Whannel and Lena Headley, and even another sequel to the Butterfly Effect without Ashton Kutcher.

i'll be reviewing these hardcore horror films one by one like Harpers Island, which is a good show so I'm encouraging everybody to watch it if you're a true disciple of all thigns horror. Let's just hope that the after dark Horror films are more thna just low budget B movies like Nightmare Man.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who should direct the Hellraiser remake.

After the directors of Martyrs and inside left the Hellraiser remake, I was highly disappointed because we lost two directors who actually knew what they were doing when it came to horror movies. The directors knew how to make the film atmospheric and they knew how to portray graphic horror and terror on the screen that made a deep impression on the audience. The most important factor was that we really cared about the characters in the movies. We felt their pain and suffering and emotion as they were tormented by evil forces that were not demonic and ghostly but were simply human cruelty.

If they could make humans seem so strong, helpless and morally evil just imagine what they could have done with the Cenobites and the evil Julia in the Hellraiser remake. So now we are left with another dilemma. Who's going to direct it and write it, and when is it going to be made? It's more delayed than a Delta airlines flight to Los Angeles. We've already had enough bad news like Microsoft suing Sony and delaying the release of two major games for a year. we don't need any more of our favorite cult like movies or games delayed. We need Hellraiser like Nicole Ritchie needs seven pounds.

Now if I had a choice as to who would direct the hellraiser movies it would probably be Takashi Miike but if he actually did direct this film it would probably never be allowed in theaters so he's off the list. We could get David cronenberg one of the best directors out there who can blend genres and the horror and eroticism needed for Hellraiser. Cronenberg can also do gore effects and hopefully use make up effects rather than CGI to give hellraiser its original feel. I would not pick Eli Roth to direct but at least we'd know the film would be R if he did direct it. The last and my personal pick would be Guillermo Del Toro. If he has no studio interference than his film would be another Pan's Labyrinth. I shouldn't have to describe it any better.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Film Lord is gone

The Film lord is officially dead and Gone like the new song on the radio. Since nobody was viewing that blog I decided to delete it. Now I can focus my blog on scary movies which is my favorite genre of movies and entertainment.

Hellraiser Remake

It seems rather troubling that nobody can find a good director to remake Hellraiser. A movie that should have been in development ages ago has finally begun its latest stage of procrastination. Pascal Laguier, the director of martyrs has left the project and he's not the only one. Apparently the director of the other straight to DVD masterpiece Inside had also been signed on the project and then he quickly signed off due to creative differences.

With two good choices down and a hyped about project quickly going down the tubes it seems that we may never see our beloved Hellraiser brought back to life on the big scree. The worst possiblity is that the studio will try to pull off a PG-13 hellraiser, which would shun every fan who had once respected this genre away forever. let's hope hollywood has learned better and won't do another PG-13 Japanese horror remake.

If I had to choose a director to direct Hellraiser it would be a director with a solid reputation. It doens't have to be a Speilberg or Scorcese although that could be interesting. We need a director who has proven himself in the genre who can actually make the audience care about the characters, make the plot coherant, and for God's sake have some damn dialogue that doesn't look like it's been written by someone from NBC or MTV and we should be fine.

My suggestion would be David Cronenberg or even Neil Marshall. At least they can make a well received film for critics and Audiences.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the right one In remake

I'm in the middle of utter hysteria and amazement as i wonder why on Earth Hollywood is remaking this film. Then when I see the Quarantine movie my amazement goes away and I realize that Hollywood has found a new goal to Americanize every horror film made just to claim it as their own . Boy this sure resembles the England we know during the American Revolution a giant octopus putting its tentacles on every state that it can find except those that are too hostile or movie wise controversial.

They hired matt Reeves to remake this and htough I respect him for directing Cloverfield, he had J.J. Abrahams to assist him and that was a giant monster destroying a city with drunken teenagers running for their lives and I can't help but wonder what that has to do with a story about two 12 years old loners and one happens to be a vampire.

I'm honestly being sickened by Hollywood and their inability to allow original horror movies to remain intact without bastardizing them to the biter end as we've seen with almsot every remake of a japanese horror movie. I don't understand how Hollywood can greenlight recycled horror films and send original horror film straight to DVD.

Horror movies coming soon

The Horseman 2009

Antichrist 2009

The Decent 2

Legends of horror

Check out this awesome video I found on youtube. This video was made by the springwood slasher channel on youtube

Film Slasher

Get ready to get slashed because the film slasher has arrived with millions of your favorite horror films and previews at your service.

As you know it seems today that Hollywood just can't make a good horror film unless it's already been made in some other country. Well i say we can do alot better and I bet Sam Raimi would agree after all Drag Me To Hell was amazing in it's ability to scare the hell out of its audience and then make them roll to the floors in gut busting laughter.

When we see horror movies we expect to be entertained by quality horror films rather than some boring chicks from the CW or MTV screaming and running around waiting to be slayed by a horror villain in desperate need of a better movie than he's stuck with right now. if we don't care about the characters than how are we supposed to care about the movie. Well we already care about the genre and thats why we're speaking up. We are tired of seeing our genre hacked up and left to waste while other genres that don't even require creativity and twisted imagination that our beloved horror genre requires from its brightest minds.

So if anyone still respects horror movies then your going to love to tune into every blog I write just to see if our beloved genre has been saved yet.