Monday, September 28, 2009

5 Exclusive stills of a Nightmare on elm street.

Where I've been.

I apologize to all my readers for why I haven't been on this blog as much. it' because I've been writing for, on orble because more people have actually been reading my work on that blog, and I was upset that nobody checked out this great site except for a few. I'm going to be publishing more on here to make up for my abscence, and I greatly regret my abscence from this blog, however, Orble is fine as well.

Anyway I'm going to begin posting reviews by this friday of such films as Trick R treat, Pandorum, and many more.

So please bear with me, I aplogize for my abscence.

A Nightmare on Elm street concept trailer

This was still well made though.

Trick R Treat Trailer.

The official new Nightmare on Elm Street trailer check it out!

I personally believe that this movie doesn't look nearly as good, but still better than most remakes and Jackie doesn't sound like Freddy, but hopefully the better cast will work, and this movie doesn't suck. You'll notice Katie Cassidy and the boy with Cancer from The Haunting in Connecticut are both in this film so the acting should be at least better than average. However, I'm not in favor of the whole guilty or innocent freddy it humanizes a monstrous psychopath which is what killed Leatherface.

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It's my other really awesome film blog that actually has some readers so please check it out, the reviews and rants are the most hilarious things you'll ever read. Dear God I sound desperate just advertising it oh well who doesn't.

Megan fox compares michael Bay to Hitler

Seriously, can this girl do anything more to hurt her career. Yeah she's got a reputation for being hot and every frat boy's wet dream, but does she really need to pull a Katherine Heigl and completely bash a person who made her successful. so what if michael bay isn't the most easily defendable person especially for the last Transformers and remaking and crapping on ever good horror film that's considered a classic. does he really deserve these insults from Megan Fox. Even though during the interview she actually was referencing him to just a control freak she didn't need to mention him as a Hitler like person.

So I guess we know who won't be starring in transformers 3 unless she learns to hold her tongue and keep her mouth shut. I notice many stars who probably had to listen to Bay, but they were cool about it. 

Megan Fox really needs to pray that Jennifer's Body is a good movie or her career is screwed. She'll be the next straight to dVd or Download star right alongside Tara Reid.

Katie Cassidy needs more film roles

If anybody watched harper's island which was a damn good show they'd know that Katie Cassidy played Trish wellington. She died her hair darker and changed her usual cameo character completely in order to play this part. She did a great job of it too. The dudes will brag about her near nudity, but I was amazed by how strong of a character she was in the role.

I can't stress enough how glad I am that she is in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake because now we at least have an actress who's not an adult and established star that can act.

I can't wait for Jackie Earle haley's performance either so keep an eye out on both these stars going into the remake. Let's just pray that Platinum dunes doesn't screw this movie up.

Sorority Row is going to be a bust

Seriously if Hollywood is that desperate to release a clip displaying bad acting and only showcasing a movie based on it's nudity then they're in for a rude awakening. Seriously, the acting in the clip is almost bad porno acting, with a flash of a breast just to satisfy males into seeing the film. Oh yeah and it also featured a cheesy death sequence that could've been done by anyone in the 90's.

Then again what more were we possibly expecting from this film anyway an Oscar? no we were expecting entertainment, but this film looks like it will suck without a doubt especially if it had to be advertised for teenagers at the Teen choice awards who won't be able to see the movie because it will be R rated and the late night showings when their parents are home is usually past their bed times anyway.

Report of Halloween 3D on

Come check out the official report of Halloween 3D without Rob Zombie. This means that you can expect plenty of cheesy violence like the old Halloween rather than the new realistic violence that we've seen with the last two Rob Zombie films.

Hopefully, this Halloween is at least better than the sixth film known as the Curse of Michael Myers. This basically means that I have very little faith in this film.