Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Horror movie remake makes the number two spot on worst movies of the decade.

Yes, we now have evidence that Hollywood must truely try to ignore the critics especially with the horror movie remake known as One Missed call which achieved the number two spot on the Rotten Tomatoes list of worst movies of the decade. It came in second with a 0% postive rating from the critics and jsut barely missed the worst movie which was Ballistic ecks vs. Sever. This out to show you why the American bastardizations of japanese horror movie remakes should end unless Gore Verbinski is directing.

Unfortunately we know that it will never end because it's Hollywood and they use whatever it takes to make a profit which is why the original Rec will never be shown in American theaters. the only thing that we'll see is Quarantine and now with the recent release of Rec @ we'll be seeing Quarantine 2 most likely.

Well at elast we now have a bar level as to how low remkes can go we should call it the Remake scale with the worst being One Missed call.

Trick R Treat review

Talk about an awesome halloween movie that was so underappreciated by the studio that it was released staright to DVD. We have one of the best horror movies in a decade and sadly half of the audience will not be able to experience it because of the morons in hollywood right now. seriously, how could a movie this good be on the shelf for so long? We have to sit through the same old remakes and Saw flicks or any film in the realm of torture porn yet we can't see a decent original concept. Well now we can. Besides Paranormal activity this is the best horror film out right now. This is a perfect halloween date movie and I'll just say that you should buy this film without any questions asked.

It stars Anna Paquin, and brian Cox in four intterconnecting stories that all happen during halloween, They're all equally creepy, funny and gorey in their own right. I don't wnat to spil any of the fun, so I'll keep my outh shut on what happens in each story, but it seems like they all have an interesting and delightfully dark twist at every climax.

I am highly impressed with the acting, visual style, and clearly artistic vision that went into this film and I hope we see more very soon when the graphic novel comes out.

Review A -

Zombieland ravages the box office

It appears that zombies are finally in a good American movie as we have the movie known as Zombieland debuting at number one at the box office this weekend. Finally we have an awesome and gorey zombie comedy that isn't from the british and it only took an amateur director and screenwriter with an original idea to pull it off. It also finally gives Woody harrellson and Jesse Eisenberg some good box office gold. Semi Pro can nut up or shut up!