Thursday, September 3, 2009

Megan fox compares michael Bay to Hitler

Seriously, can this girl do anything more to hurt her career. Yeah she's got a reputation for being hot and every frat boy's wet dream, but does she really need to pull a Katherine Heigl and completely bash a person who made her successful. so what if michael bay isn't the most easily defendable person especially for the last Transformers and remaking and crapping on ever good horror film that's considered a classic. does he really deserve these insults from Megan Fox. Even though during the interview she actually was referencing him to just a control freak she didn't need to mention him as a Hitler like person.

So I guess we know who won't be starring in transformers 3 unless she learns to hold her tongue and keep her mouth shut. I notice many stars who probably had to listen to Bay, but they were cool about it. 

Megan Fox really needs to pray that Jennifer's Body is a good movie or her career is screwed. She'll be the next straight to dVd or Download star right alongside Tara Reid.

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