Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jennifer's Body trailer debuts

Jennifer's body has debuted and it looks like it will feature Megan Fox half naked, gore and more of that quirky writing that made Diablo Cody famous as a screenwriter.

You can view the unedited trailer on youtube or Bloodydisgusting right now, but your going to have to think about it the moment it starts playing. The question will be is this a cult classic or is it just going to really suck. It's hard to tell but it's easy to get skeptical about the quality when the film is simply aimed at marketing the hotness and potential nudity of Megan fox and her costar Amanda seyfried.

Perosnally, I think that this film might be nothing more than cheesy popcorn entertainment, with a bunch of random and annoying lines Juno style. That's how Diablo Cody rolls. What surprised me the most is that she didn't choose to direct this film. she had a chance, but decided to just write it. Diablo Cody is a well known horror fan so this surprised me when she turned the opportunity.

Well watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

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