Monday, July 6, 2009

Orphan controversy

Apparently there is controversy over a line in Orphan where one of the characters complains about how hard it must be to love someone else who is not apart of the family. Well as usual the soccer moms united to force the film to reedit the line. Yes the smae soccer moms who brought the charge of racism against Resident Evil 5. Luckily the game survived because the movies blew.

I'm still exited for Orphan and I hope it will cause us to scream and run down the aisles and be treasured like a real horror film. A real horror film like Drag Me to hell. However my hopes are drastically down ever since I found out its being directed by the guy who gave us the House of Wax. Well at least the kid looks scary and not like some random homeless kid like in the Unborn.

Something is wrong with Estheer which means that we should be seeing blood and guts galore as well as some genuine scares. Scares that are worth the ticket prices unlike Bruno.

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