Saturday, July 18, 2009

Orphan is out this Friday

We have a horror film coming out this Friday that could either be really good or incredibly bad. This movie is known as Orphan. It's already gained unnecessary controversy fro a mild statement about loving people outside your family. This was enforced by the soccer moms in the united states.

What we need to hope for is that this film is a good scary kid movie. The remake of the Omen was average and The Unborn was absolute garbage to say the least. We have the fate of creepy kid movies left in the hands of the director of the House of Wax.

Hopefully Orphan is better than the House of Wax. We need a real disturbing film rather than a crappy comic horror movie that only relies on Paris Hilton's death as its main draw factor.

At least she's nowhere near this film.

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