Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A perfect Getaway release date and the collector release date

Did Hollywood just completely screw up their chances of making money off these two movies by releasing them on the same dates of more likely to be successful films like Funny People and GI Joe the Rise of Cobra. These films might stand a chance, but they have a greater chance of fialing now because of the bad release dates.

If A Perfect getaway was released earlier when it was up against the likes of Bruno and Beth Cooper it might have been close to the top of the box office and the same goes for A Perfect getaway which would have likely have been more successful. This is why horror films are not doing as well at the box office. well at least one of the many reasons. We need better release dates so certain films can be more successful and have a critic's screening so it doesn't make it look like your company was trying to hide the fact that it's not a good movie. However, I believe that the collector will be a good movie from what I've read about it and seen clips about it.

A Perfect Getaway has potential to be moderately successful and at least the director has some box office success with Pitch black and is hopefully more experienced than other music video directors.

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