Thursday, July 2, 2009

An American Werewolf in London remake

Well it appears that john Landis might finally get some of his lost popularity back. His career lost alot of heat after the Twilight zone accident and Innocent blood.

Now that Hollywood, has gotten tired of remaking zombie movies and basically any movie that foreign countries churn out it appears Hollywood is on to Werewolves. Yes that is right we have the werewolf genre return. After Cursed failed to impress as an original werewolf tale it appears that they are better off remade. I still don't see why they wouldn't just release Ginger Snaps in theaters, but Hollywood knows best according to Hollywood.

So we have a remake of The wolfman which actually looks good, where we have hairy Benicio Del Toro even hairier and hungry for bowels and intestines. this will be good if its kept as a horror film and doesn't have any hilarious jokes among its awesome visual effects. Basically the director should not make this film like Jurassic Park 3 which was his last effort.

Then we have the reame of An American Werewolf in London which has plenty of black humor amongst a good story and plenty of gore. The only problem I would have with a remake of this film is that CGI would take over rather than good makeup effects that made the original so iconic. If you want to see how CGI will screw this movie up just watch An American Werewolf in Paris.

Hopefully, at least with Landis as Executive producer we'll still have the fresh werewolf movie that was so iconic to the real horror fans of the classic horror movies.

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