Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Platinum Dunes to do A Nightmare on Elm Street remake

Apparently, it will be Micheal bay's production company doing the remake of Freddy Kreugar. Which means it is locked in the clutches of the company that botched so many remakes of our beloved horror movies.

Well let's see with Micheal bay we can look forward to cars, explosions and lots of over the top corny humor. How does any of that relate to Freddy Kreugar and the truth is that it doesn't. Even though bay promises us the old Freddy without any of his funny jokes as in all the Freddy movies after the first A Nightmare on Elm street. Let's hope that Bay understands what a serious and scary Freddy is.

I'm very happy to see Jackie Earle Haley as the main character because he can act and has proven that he can handle a variety of different performances. The kid who played the cancer boy in The haunting in Conneticut will be reprising Johnny depp's role so at least we have to roles filled with people who can actually act.

Wes craven is reportedly angry that the movie is being made without him on the credits. I'm sure we all agree with you Wes, but at least Wes has the rights to his other films so he can ensure that they aren't all flops.

If Bay tries to do this like what he did with Transformers 2 then the movie will fail. his track record on movies in the horror genre isn't very good either so let's see if he can produce a good one this time. I can't imagine when Micheal bay will loearn that dollars made don't completely reflect the quality made. We have until 2010 to find out.

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