Monday, June 22, 2009

After Dark horrorfest was overrated

This years festival could have been great, but it was sadly marred by ridiculous plot holes and once again demonstrated Horror as an extreme gore fest for cash and blood lusting cults rather than true art. Basically, if you want to see a third Butterfly Effect then see this horrorfest. If you want to see more gore without any purpose, then watch Autopsy.

Perkins 14 was voted on by the fans who literally chose who would be in the film and the studio gave the project to the director of last years craptacular Dark Ride. this film looked like it was shot by a teenager on too much sugar or something else.

The only saving graces of this horrorfest were the movies From Within, Broken and Dying breed. In broken, we saw lena headley in a good performance, with a film that was sadly underappreciated. Dying Breed was a better than average tale of canniblaism. From Within was everybody's nightmare, being stuck in the bible belt section of the world and being unable to explain why dark forces are forcing your followers to murder each other.

Seriosuly, we need horror films that showcase horror as true art rather than schlocky gore fests and overloaded with cheese, and sex. at least the acting was better than last years well most of it. Thank the lord that there was no Nightmare Man.

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