Monday, June 8, 2009

Who should direct the Hellraiser remake.

After the directors of Martyrs and inside left the Hellraiser remake, I was highly disappointed because we lost two directors who actually knew what they were doing when it came to horror movies. The directors knew how to make the film atmospheric and they knew how to portray graphic horror and terror on the screen that made a deep impression on the audience. The most important factor was that we really cared about the characters in the movies. We felt their pain and suffering and emotion as they were tormented by evil forces that were not demonic and ghostly but were simply human cruelty.

If they could make humans seem so strong, helpless and morally evil just imagine what they could have done with the Cenobites and the evil Julia in the Hellraiser remake. So now we are left with another dilemma. Who's going to direct it and write it, and when is it going to be made? It's more delayed than a Delta airlines flight to Los Angeles. We've already had enough bad news like Microsoft suing Sony and delaying the release of two major games for a year. we don't need any more of our favorite cult like movies or games delayed. We need Hellraiser like Nicole Ritchie needs seven pounds.

Now if I had a choice as to who would direct the hellraiser movies it would probably be Takashi Miike but if he actually did direct this film it would probably never be allowed in theaters so he's off the list. We could get David cronenberg one of the best directors out there who can blend genres and the horror and eroticism needed for Hellraiser. Cronenberg can also do gore effects and hopefully use make up effects rather than CGI to give hellraiser its original feel. I would not pick Eli Roth to direct but at least we'd know the film would be R if he did direct it. The last and my personal pick would be Guillermo Del Toro. If he has no studio interference than his film would be another Pan's Labyrinth. I shouldn't have to describe it any better.

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  1. LOL, the Nicole Richie part sounds like a phrase from my own mouth, it made me laugh out loud. Well said!