Friday, June 12, 2009

After Dark Horrorfest

In the upcoming days I shall be uploading reviews of the recent after dark Horrorfest films. these films include the sickest psychos and the gory films that theaters were to scared to show up on their big screens so they sent them to a place where you can get away with showing anything. That place is straight to DVD. this year we had a change in the fact that there was no Tiffany Shepis. We had more cameos from stars of past horror films like leigh Whannel and Lena Headley, and even another sequel to the Butterfly Effect without Ashton Kutcher.

i'll be reviewing these hardcore horror films one by one like Harpers Island, which is a good show so I'm encouraging everybody to watch it if you're a true disciple of all thigns horror. Let's just hope that the after dark Horror films are more thna just low budget B movies like Nightmare Man.

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