Thursday, June 4, 2009

Film Slasher

Get ready to get slashed because the film slasher has arrived with millions of your favorite horror films and previews at your service.

As you know it seems today that Hollywood just can't make a good horror film unless it's already been made in some other country. Well i say we can do alot better and I bet Sam Raimi would agree after all Drag Me To Hell was amazing in it's ability to scare the hell out of its audience and then make them roll to the floors in gut busting laughter.

When we see horror movies we expect to be entertained by quality horror films rather than some boring chicks from the CW or MTV screaming and running around waiting to be slayed by a horror villain in desperate need of a better movie than he's stuck with right now. if we don't care about the characters than how are we supposed to care about the movie. Well we already care about the genre and thats why we're speaking up. We are tired of seeing our genre hacked up and left to waste while other genres that don't even require creativity and twisted imagination that our beloved horror genre requires from its brightest minds.

So if anyone still respects horror movies then your going to love to tune into every blog I write just to see if our beloved genre has been saved yet.

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