Saturday, June 13, 2009

I just took my mother to see Drag Me To hell

After I had viewed Drag Me to Hell by myself I took my mother to see the movie to see if she thought it was scary. My mother totally flipped out and nearly vomited after she saw the gypsies drool and the exploding eyeballs.

She glared at me and she said there is no way that this is PG-13. This has me thinking that Sam Raimi must have done such a good job that he made a PG-13 film that actually surpassed the normal standers of PG-13 horror nostalgia. If people fear this movie more because its actually scary than it means that we need all horror movies to be made this way. Sam Raimi proved that you can still make a PG-13 movie scary and actually a good movie at the same time.

I agree with most critics when they say that all horror remakes should be rated R rather than pg-13 and they're right. Especially if the original was rated R. If the film can't match the terror or the gore of the original than the film shouldn't even bother being released. Now, some remakes shouldn't be touched at all like Day of The Dead unless its directed by Zach Snyder. The remake with Nick cannon went straight to DVD, but at least it had some good gore and wasn't PG-13. However they should've expected this when they cast Nick Cannon in the first place.

Luckily we have a director who can make PG-13 horror surreal and intense without adding the old horror movie cliches. You could tell that this film was mostly all Raimi. I'm still wondering why this isn't Evil Dead 4 though.

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