Friday, June 12, 2009

Moon review

This film what I am Legend should have been. Watching Sam Rockwell talk to himself and freak out while questioning his sanity is amazing. What an actor! Props to Duncan Jones for directing this masterpiece which is destined to be loved by science fiction fans for years to come. There is nobody better to play the voice of a monotonous possibly evil computer than Kevin Spacey. This film is not necessarily horror but it feels like one especially considering the fact that it tears at your mind and heart strings like Freddy Kruegar's claws.

I have to give credit to Duncan Jones for pulling this film off for his debut film. It is well directed and written with the suspense and tension messing with your head like a rogue psychiatrist. The ending will also leave you on the edge of your seat.

Everyone see this film at a local theater even, if its a distance see it. It's better than John Travolta screaming and swearing in the taking of Pelham 123, another remake, and Imagine That, another eddie Murphy attempt to make alot of dough of the family genre. When you think about Imagine That being a great movie just remember its only your imagination. However if Imagine That was a good film, just Imagine That.

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