Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the right one In remake

I'm in the middle of utter hysteria and amazement as i wonder why on Earth Hollywood is remaking this film. Then when I see the Quarantine movie my amazement goes away and I realize that Hollywood has found a new goal to Americanize every horror film made just to claim it as their own . Boy this sure resembles the England we know during the American Revolution a giant octopus putting its tentacles on every state that it can find except those that are too hostile or movie wise controversial.

They hired matt Reeves to remake this and htough I respect him for directing Cloverfield, he had J.J. Abrahams to assist him and that was a giant monster destroying a city with drunken teenagers running for their lives and I can't help but wonder what that has to do with a story about two 12 years old loners and one happens to be a vampire.

I'm honestly being sickened by Hollywood and their inability to allow original horror movies to remain intact without bastardizing them to the biter end as we've seen with almsot every remake of a japanese horror movie. I don't understand how Hollywood can greenlight recycled horror films and send original horror film straight to DVD.

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  1. It's simple really, Hollywood is afraid to take chances on fresh films, because they are afraid they will fail. So what do they do? They go with something that already has a fan-base, hoping that the fans of that film will be drawn in. Plus remakes are really a no brainer, there is very little creative thinking there, because the film has already been made and they have something to base the project on.