Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hellraiser Remake

It seems rather troubling that nobody can find a good director to remake Hellraiser. A movie that should have been in development ages ago has finally begun its latest stage of procrastination. Pascal Laguier, the director of martyrs has left the project and he's not the only one. Apparently the director of the other straight to DVD masterpiece Inside had also been signed on the project and then he quickly signed off due to creative differences.

With two good choices down and a hyped about project quickly going down the tubes it seems that we may never see our beloved Hellraiser brought back to life on the big scree. The worst possiblity is that the studio will try to pull off a PG-13 hellraiser, which would shun every fan who had once respected this genre away forever. let's hope hollywood has learned better and won't do another PG-13 Japanese horror remake.

If I had to choose a director to direct Hellraiser it would be a director with a solid reputation. It doens't have to be a Speilberg or Scorcese although that could be interesting. We need a director who has proven himself in the genre who can actually make the audience care about the characters, make the plot coherant, and for God's sake have some damn dialogue that doesn't look like it's been written by someone from NBC or MTV and we should be fine.

My suggestion would be David Cronenberg or even Neil Marshall. At least they can make a well received film for critics and Audiences.

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